Maternity Support

Welcoming a child however for many parents getting everything ready for a new arrival can be a stressful experience too, with so much to plan and organise it is perfectly natural to feel a little overwhelmed. The Childcare Support Service are on hand to help you through the practical considerations such as how maternity/adoption/paternity rights and pay work and how to approach childcare when you are ready to return to work.


Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Policy Overview

We appreciate reading through your Trusts policy is a lengthy task therefore we have put together a presentation slide to highlight some key areas of information which you may find useful covering pay and rights, leave, flexible working and salary sacrifice information which is all available in the below PDF.

We would always recommend all expectant parents attend one of our Virtual Maternity/Paternity Workshops to ensure all information is covered.  Further information on the virtual workshops can be found below.


Virtual Maternity/Paternity Workshops 

These sessions are aimed at staff who have not yet commenced maternity/paternity and cover topics such as pay, rights, returning to work, finding and funding childcare, or anything else you might need support with.  They are also attended by guest speakers including the Parent Education Midwife and our workplace nursery provider.

2023 session dates which run from 10am-11.30am

Email to book onto any of the sessions and an MS Teams link will be sent to you.


Informal NHS Parents Peer Support Forum

These sessions are aimed at staff who are parents, carers, or grandparents. Whether you are brand new to parenthood or experienced, all are welcome. There will be an opportunity to meet other parents, share experiences and spend some time socialising with people who will be experiencing similar ups and downs and challenges. You will meet other parents in a virtual environment and be able to offer peer support, a listening ear or even just vent about some of the things that you might be struggling with. You can also share your successes and milestones and build a small support network.  As everyone will have experience navigating life with children, these will be non-judgmental groups where babies, children, teenagers are welcome, and no one will mind if you have not had chance to brush your hair or sat in your dressing gown.

2023 session dates which run from 11am-12:00

Email to book onto a session and an MS Teams link will be sent to you.


Bradford Antenatal Classes and Information – We have partnership working with Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust which allows staff, whether you are birthing in Bradford or not, access to their wide range of parent education classes.  This includes classes on hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, birthing and labour, when nature needs a helping hand and much more.  Visit their website link below for further information and to book onto a session.  You can also access a huge library of pre recorded sessions.

Parent Education Team – Bradford Royal Infirmary Events | Eventbrite

You can follow Bradford antenatal Facebook pages for lots of information and support from pregnancy, birth and beyond @bthftmaternity


Below are some quick links to the maternity services provided at some of our other local hospitals trusts;


Pregnancy & Birth – Useful links

Here are some great websites, guides and information to look for around pregnancy and birth


Wellbeing & Development – Useful links


As always if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team  directly who will be happy to help.


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