Maternity Support

Having a baby is such an exciting experience, decorating your nursery and picking out your baby’s first clothes is so much fun. For many parents getting everything ready for a new arrival can be a stressful experience too, with so much to plan and organise it is perfectly natural to feel a little overwhelmed. The child care support service is on hand to help you through the practical considerations such as how maternity rights and pay work and how to approach childcare when you are ready to return to work.


Maternity Policy Overview

We appreciate reading through your Trusts Maternity Policy is a lengthy task therefore we have put together a presentation slide to highlight some key areas of information which you may find useful covering maternity pay and rights, leave, flexible working and salary sacrifice information which is all available in the below PDF.

We would always recommend all expectant parents attend one of our NHS Parents Events however due to COVID-19 these events have been put on hold. We are currently working on how we can still offer this in our new virtual way of working so please watch this space for further updates and as always if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team who will be happy to help.



Useful Links

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Food and Pregnancy

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