Parenting a teenager can be daunting for many, changes in your child’s behaviour as they mature may present new challenges.  Teenagers are so much more “connected” than we were when we were young and most parents will need some advice on support on how to make sure their teenager is safe and happy in an online world. Along with the advice n this page – check our internet safety page for further guidance.


Self Esteem

The Dove self esteem project is a wonderful resource see this link for more information



Internet Matters guide and resource centre



Parentzone guides



Vodaphone digital parenting



Childnet online safety agreement



Action for Children 
Parent Talk offers free, down-to-earth advice for parents of children aged 0-19. All content is written or curated by Action for Children’s parenting coaches. It’s based on their experiences working with children, young people and their families.
They have an online one to one chat service available for when you need a bit more support.


Advice on a range of topics including how to communicate effectively with your teenager, sex and relationships and drugs and alcohol.


Teenagers and social media
CWMT Social Media

Self Harm 

CWMT Self-harm

Parents guide to depression

CWMT Depression

Support for pupils and parents during GCSEs


Eating Problems

Young Minds Eating problems


Young Minds Bullying

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