Choosing Childcare

Your local Children’s Information Service has a range of information about the different forms of childcare and activities available in your area. For advice and listings of registered childcare in the Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield areas , click the appropriate link below. The following information explains a variety of childcare provision available, so that you will be in a better position to decide which form of childcare is best for you and your child.


Deciding which type of childcare provision is best for you and your family can be difficult.  We have put together an overview of the various options you may wish to consider.  You can also use this link to search for childcare provision in your local area – The easy way to find local childcare


Self-employed carers based in their own homes. They should be registered with Ofsted if they take care of children under eight years old. Many childminders continue to care for older children into their teens. Childminders can often offer a more flexible service, providing care outside of normal working hours and may be able to offer emergency and overnight care.
The Family Information Service can help you to find a childminder in your area. For further information on childminders visit National Childminding Association website


Employed by you to look after your child in your own home. Nannies can live in, or can come to your home for set days and hours. They do not need childcare qualifications, but many have nursery nurse training or other qualifications in childcare. It is up to parents to check and interview prospective nannies. The Childcare Element of Working Tax Credit has been extended to include nannies, which means that you could be entitled to financial help to employ a nanny if you are on a low income. To find out whether you are entitled to Working Tax Credit, and the criteria your nanny must meet, contact the Inland Revenue Tax Credits Helpline on 0845 300 3900.


Run by trained early years professionals, playgroups provide education for children under five years old. They have an emphasis on parental involvement within the sessions. Playgroups often have a long waiting list, so try to put your child’s name down as soon as possible to ensure a place.


Day Nurseries
Provide full and part time care and education for children under five years old. All nurseries must be registered and inspected regularly by Ofsted. Many nurseries fit in with a normal working day of 8am to 6pm, although NHS nurseries offer more flexible hours. Nurseries often have limited places available, but are usually open all year round.
We have two workplace nurseries based at Airedale hospital and Lynfield Mount hospital.  They are more flexible when it comes to changing shift patterns and offer extended provision as they open from 7am-7pm and are open all year round Monday-Friday.  Please see our workplace nursery page for further information on the provision available.
Nursery Schools open during school hours, and usually only within term time. They offer care and education for children aged 2 and a half to 5 years. Children can attend nursery schools either for part time sessions or full time. It is usually free of charge, but nursery schools at fee paying schools may charge.
All Nursery schools are regulated and inspected by Ofsted, whether they are privately run, run by the Local Authority, or are part of a primary school. To view Ofsted reports for nurseries and schools in the Yorkshire region please follow the link for the Ofsted website.


Out-of-school care / Extended Schools
Out-of-school clubs are provided for school aged children after school, and during school holidays. They are usually based in school premises, or in youth or community centres. Out-of-school clubs and holiday clubs are Ofsted inspected. Some schools offer extended days during term-time, to care for children before and after school (for example via breakfast clubs and homework clubs.)

We do work in partnership with Children’s Place Day Nurseries who offer a holiday club at their Heaton Nursery in Bradford, further information can be found here

For more information about out-of-school care, visit website (formerly Kids’ Club Network).



The Family Information Service
Your local Families Information Service has a range of information about the different forms of childcare and activities available in your area. For listings of registered childcare in the Bradford and Airedale area, telephone the The Family Information Service in Bradford on 01274 437503. As many staff may live in surrounding areas, you may find the following contact details of other Family Information Services in the region of use:
– Leeds: 0113 247 4386

– Bradford: 01274 437503

– Calderdale: 01422 253053
– Kirklees: 01484 223041
– North Yorkshire: 0845 601 1630
– Lancashire: 0800 195 0137


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