Childcare Voucher Scheme

Employer Childcare Voucher Scheme

The scheme allows working parents the opportunity to swap part of their pre-tax salary to pay for registered childcare as a result, they make savings on their Tax and National Insurance.

The scheme closed to all new applicants from October 2018 so it is not possible to join the scheme.

Anyone who is currently signed up to the scheme can continue to use it to help pay for their Ofsted registered childcare providing they remain eligible;

If circumstances change for a short time, for example due to a period of maternity leave when childcare is not required, parents do have the option of reducing down to a smaller monthly amount (minimum monthly contribution can be £1.00 and maximum £243 depending on your taxable allowance) to remain in the scheme and increase this amount back up when required.  Alternatively parents can cancel their deduction but would need to re-join the scheme and have a deduction taken before a period of 52 weeks has elapsed and still be eligible taking the above into consideration.

Childcare requirements can change therefore amendments to the monthly deductions are permitted by completing an amendment form (attached below) and returning by email.  A minimum of 6 weeks notice is required to allow for the processing and payroll cut-off points.

If you would like to discuss or current childcare voucher arrangement or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the team to discuss.




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