Being together, my baby and me

Now available across Bradford. FREE post-natal virtual support programme for local families!

All sessions will be online and held via Zoom. You need to have a Bradford BD postcode to be able to access these sessions.

The programme covers everything from baby brain development and sensory play, early language and communication to positive mental health and keeping your baby safe.


FREE sessions include:

  • Brain development and sensory play
  • Early language and communication
  • Positive mental health and the outdoors
  • Keeping your baby safe and healthy
  • The importance of play

Each programme contains five sessions which take place either on a Tuesday (1.00- 2.00pm) or Wednesday (1.00- 2.00pm).


Tuesday Sessions 1.00pm – 2.00pm
13th April 2021
20th April 2021
27th April 2021
4th May 2021
11th May 2021


Wednesday Sessions 1.00pm – 2.00pm
21st April 2021
28th April 2021
5th May 2021
12th May 2021
19th May 2021